About Us

Our company's history begins in 1975 when Fiorenzo Rossi, a young piano student, decided to open a small musical instrument shop in Cassino.
Passion, love for music and commitment over the years have transformed this small activity in the solid company that today has become.
In these 40 years of business expertise of highly qualified personnel and choice of the best brands and models in the market both in quality and in price have allowed professionals, beginners or enthusiasts to buy at our stores the musical instrument most suitable your needs.
What has always distinguished us is the attention we pay to our customers especially after the purchase of their tool of choice, with professional assistance and qualified but even more importantly helping to keep alive their passion for music.
We did this through the creation and support of cultural initiatives closely linked to the world of music, creating music schools around the area, organizing concerts and master classes with internationally renowned artists, internships supervised by highly qualified teachers.
All of this always animated by a single goal that stimulate and enhance the musical culture in our region and beyond.