Model: INTEGRA7 Shipping Weight: 4Kg     Units in Stock: : 1 Manufactured by: ROLAND



• Synth module with more than 6000 sounds
• Super Natural Sounds and Behavior Modeling technology for maximum expressiveness and realism in the reproduction of acoustic instruments (Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Guitar, Strings, Brass, Ethnic Instruments)
• Powerful generator SuperNATURAL synth sounds with analog-style filters and vintage
• Super Natural drum engine with all the accuracy of the modules V - Drums
• Complete Collection of 12 cards SRX
• Multi EQ and dedicated to each part, COMP + EQ for the drums and parameters of environment for the drumkit Super Natural
• Innovative engine Motional Surround to 17 shares with stereo output, headphone and 5.1
• Editor for iPad for INTEGRA 7 and Motional Surround and VSTi editor for SONAR
• Dimensions : 481 x 262 x H89mm
• Weight : 3,9kg


  • Model: INTEGRA7
  • Shipping Weight: 4Kg
  • 1Units in Stock:
  • Manufactured by: ROLAND